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Slaying Dragonflies with Primitive Archery [VIDEO]

Sharpen your skills in the heat of summer by hunting ancient aerial predators: dragonflies!

Hunters gotta hunt, even when the season for conventional game is closed. I can’t think of a more fun way to sharpen your archery marksmanship skills than shooting at something small and mobile, like dragonflies.

Billy Berger takes to the swamps with his primitive bow and cane arrows in search of the prehistoric insect predator.

“This is one of the fastest pace videos I’ve ever made,” he says. “With over 80 shots taken during this hunting adventure. When the arrows start flying you’ll be in for non-stop excitement!”

This is the more exciting version of stump shooting. And by golly, Berger does hit a few of the winged beasts.

If you decide to give bowhunting dragonflies a try, be sure you take the typical “trophy photo” of yourself next to your prey if you are successful.

Then, post it on social media and prepare for an onslaught of venomous anti-hunter comments…or maybe just a few very confused anti-hunter comments?

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Slaying Dragonflies with Primitive Archery [VIDEO]