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Slammin’ Largemouth Bass with Chatterbaits [VIDEO]

Slammin' Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass love rainstorms, especially when they’re wet and wild. Watch this fisherman land radical lunker bucketmouths using chatterbaits in the rain.

The largemouth bass is the Alabama state fish, and the guys at BamaBass know how to get some fish into the boat. This video is the ultimate one-man gig. This guy is casting, catching, and capturing the awesome day on a GoPro.

Chatterbaits are named for the vibrations they give off when reeling the fish in. These bass are having a feeding frenzy going for these irresistible lures.

Chatterbaits have been in use around the pro-fishing circuit for years. Do you have any in your tackle box?

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Slammin’ Largemouth Bass with Chatterbaits [VIDEO]