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Skull Burning: The Hottest Way to Design a European Skull Mount

Peter Draws

If you're looking to take your European skull mount to the next level, you have to give skull burning a try.

European skull mounts are everywhere you look these days. From restaurants to log cabins and hunting shacks, these classic pieces are impressive no matter what setting they're displayed in.

If you dare to be different from the crowd and want to turn some heads, grab a European skull mount, some gloves and a wood burning tool and let your artistic side loose!

Skull burning is the latest way to turn your skull into a work of art.

Awesome work! Definitely have to give this one a try!

If you already have a European skull mount at home and are ready to give skull burning a try, you're literally just steps away from creating one of the coolest (or should I say hottest) looking skull mounts around. Before getting started, be sure to check out this helpful article that has some really great woodturning tips.

If you're looking to try your hand at skull burning and don't have a wood burning tool, no sweat as they're readily available and pretty inexpensive. This wood burning kit from Sparkleberry is practically all you need to create a masterpiece out of an old skull mount. The kit features a wood burning tool, plus 20 different burning tips!

Good luck and be sure to post your pics of your newest skull art!


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Skull Burning: The Hottest Way to Design a European Skull Mount