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See How Skipping Lures Slowed Down Can Help You Perfect the Technique [VIDEO]

Check out this awesome video showing how skipping lures across the water can look cooler than it ever has before.

Skipping lures is a great strategy to reach wary fish, but who knew it looked so cool when seen in super slow motion?

Watching a fishing technique like this in slow motion can also help to show how it is really done which, in turn, can go a long way towards improving your skill and making you a better angler. Now if that isn’t a good excuse to watch this entire video from LakeForkGuy, then I don’t know what is.

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Fishing underneath and around docks and piers has always been a great way to catch fish on a variety of different bodies of water, from farms ponds to reservoirs. The biggest fish tend to hide themselves in the deepest and hardest to reach areas underneath the structures.

This video offers a really unique look at a fishing technique that most of us have probably used (with mixed results in my case) at some point or another.

Now get out there and start skipping some lures under some docks. Summer is slipping away faster and faster every day, and open water fishing opportunities are leaving right along with it.

Do you use the technique of skipping lures when fishing? Has it led to any major catches? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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See How Skipping Lures Slowed Down Can Help You Perfect the Technique [VIDEO]