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Skinning and Weighing a Wild Pig with Steve Rinella

wild pig

Wild pig populations are growing and spreading every day: you might as well get a few tips on skinning them!

Many people hunt wild pigs these days. Do many people eat them, though? Steve Rinella, the MeatEater himself, sits back and learns a few things from a man who has skinned hundreds on hundreds of pigs.


Field dressed at 101 pounds, how many pounds of meat do you think they will collect?

Depending on who you talk to, wild pig is something you’ll enjoy eating or a meal you won’t mind skipping. From my experiences, it seems when you ask one hunter, he will tell you it’s the nastiest piece of meat he has had and he wouldn’t eat it up if he was starving; you ask another hunter, and he’ll tell you he loves it and doesn’t let a pound go to waste.

To each his own, but maybe this video will help you after your next wild pig harvest.

My thought is, bacon is bacon. If you’re able to practice these tips on a smaller pig, odds are it’ll taste pretty stinking good.

A few takeaways:

Choose one hand to be your clean hand and one to be your dirty hand during the skinning process. As mentioned in the video, this allows you to skin the hog without transferring bad odors or bacteria to your meat.

Also, give the carcass a thorough rinse with cold water (or even a long cold-water bath) when you’re done.

There isn’t quite enough meat for bacon, but it’s still nice organic pork meat, which is more than you can say for your corporate grocery stores.

Anyone else getting hungry?

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Skinning and Weighing a Wild Pig with Steve Rinella