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How To Skin a Squirrel in One Minute Flat [VIDEO]

Here's how to skin a squirrel with one of the fastest methods we've seen.

The fine folks at RealtreeOutdoors shared this squirrel skinning video last year, and it details the quick and easy way to skin them and prepare them for cleaning and cooking.

Small game hunters, can you beat this?

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Most folks who have never tried it swear squirrel must taste bad, but it's one of those things you need to experience to truly make a decision.

Besides, there's nothing like small game hunting in the off season to keep your shooting skills sharp. Thanks to this video, you're able to keep your skinning and knife work up to par as well.

What's your opinion on squirrel meat? Worth it or not?

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How To Skin a Squirrel in One Minute Flat [VIDEO]