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Skin a Plush Puppy Dog and Make a Pelt Costume [PICS]

Our friends were initially horrified by pictures of a pelted out, oversized plush puppy dog that belonged to my daughter.

So That's What They Look Like Inside

I'll admit it. When deer season is over, I go a little crazy. No more anticipating deer walking into range. No more blood trailing. No more field dressing and processing venison at the house. It's all over.

The season had ended and I had a little time on my hands at the house, so I decided to turn one of my daughter's huge stuffed animals into a wearable pelt. Seems reasonable. Right?

She was napping, which meant she wouldn't be (that) traumatized by the process. Hopefully she would love the final product, a puppy costume she could run around in.

Check out the slideshow to see my handiwork. 

Pictures by Tim Kjellesvik

Oh. I feel stuffed.

Here's Pups McStuffleberry all fat and sassy just taking up space at our house. He's a fine stuffed animal with a great pelt. Let's put some of those rusty field dressing skills to work.

No Gut Hook Needed

You've got to have surgical precision in an operation like this. I found a stitch, cut it, and began the unraveling process keeping in mind this would also serve as the entry point for my daughter getting into the soon-to-be costume.

So That's What They Look Like Inside

This field dressing job was a snap. Nothing wet or stinky to take out of here, just billowy polyfill.


I've never thought of making a pillow with the refuse of a gutting job, but here I am considering it.

The Finished Pelt

This was the best. No messy caustic chemical baths. No stretching and breaking. This pelt was almost ready to wear. It just needs a face hole.

It's a Hit!

When you risk the emotional stability of your child, you want there to be a payoff. The doggy pelt costume was a success and she loved it! Once our concerned friends saw the result, they breathed a collective sigh of relief.

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Skin a Plush Puppy Dog and Make a Pelt Costume [PICS]