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Hungry for Gator? Here’s How to Clean an Alligator [Video]

So you have a tag for an alligator, but have never hunted them.  Where do you start?

The first that I want to be prepared for is the work that starts the moment you are actually able to harvest an animal.

What tools do we need? Where do we need to make our incisions? Now because of fellow YouTube user deermeatfordinner, we can now learn how to properly obtain the meat from our harvest. Let’s check it out.

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At about 0:54 seconds we learn about scoots. Did you know alligators had these?

He was quite thorough in this video which is great and you can tell it was quite the process. Interesting enough, I just had the opportunity when I was down in Texas a few months ago to try my first bite of alligator. It was much better than I would have expected.

I don’t know about you, but after watching this video I want to be able to get out and experience a hunt like this for myself, so now it is time to start saving and planning.

Have you ever hunted for alligator before? What tips or tricks have you learned over the years when it comes to getting the most meat out of them? What other animals have you hunted? Let me know in the comments.

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Hungry for Gator? Here’s How to Clean an Alligator [Video]