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These Skateboards are Made of Recycled Fishing Nets [VIDEO]

Bureo Skateboards are made of recycled fishing nets, contributing a sustainable idea to an environmental issue.

Bureo is doing their part to both revolutionize the skateboard manufacturing process and help rid the oceans of fishing net waste.

An initiative with Chile’s fishing community known as ‘Net Positiva’ helped spark the unique and ethically conscious process. Fishermen can get rid of their nets at environmentally sound disposal points, in turn providing Bureo with highly recyclable and durable raw materials.

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The materials are then used to create fully recycled skateboard decks, each of which use 30 square feet of fishing net that would otherwise end up polluting the ocean.

The term ‘Bureo’ comes from Mapuche, the language of the native Chileans. The word means ‘the waves,’ which the company hopes will be made with the small but growing improvement of fishing net pollution.

Perhaps best of all, this isn’t some gimmick to merely clean the plastic out of the ocean. The aptly named and completely functional Minnow cruiser skateboard rides smooth and performs great. It is even shaped like a fish, with a split tail and scales. Plus, the wheels are made of recycled cores, consisting of 30% vegetable oil.

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This video from the company’s website shares the details that make Bureo’s objective so unique. Check it out, and if you’re a boarder, you’ll really appreciate the connection.

Nets to Decks // Net Positiva // Bureo Skateboards from Bureo Skateboards on Vimeo.

Bureo is the kind of company that is truly setting out to make a difference, and we think they’re on the right path. This is likely just the beginning of a litany of products that can be created from recycled fishing nets.

What else do you think could be done with discarded fishing nets?

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These Skateboards are Made of Recycled Fishing Nets [VIDEO]