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SJK Hunting's Tactical Packs for the Modern Hunter [VIDEO]

If you're in the market for new tactical hunting packs for the fall, look no further. SJK Hunting has what you need.

Outdoor industry veteran, Slumberjack, has a new line of gear out for Fall of 2014 branded as SJK Hunting. The SJK line of tactical hunting gear, partnered with camouflage supplier Kryptek®, aims to assure high performance, so you can worry less about your gear and more about the hunt.

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SJK Vice-President Russell Rowell shows his awareness of the changing hunting scene stating, "The hunting community is rapidly evolving, moving towards a more tactical approach to their outdoor experience, and we are leaders in this trend, addressing the needs of the emerging market with cutting edge equipment." From what we have seen so far, the SJK line is most certainly cutting edge, but we'll let you be the judge.

Moving from smallest and simplest to the largest and most feature-laden, here is the gear that makes up this really impressive and particularly awesome tactical line.

SJK Rifle Hauler Mat: $84.95

Rifle Hauler Mat

This adjustable 2-1 carrier/mat fits most rifle sizes. The soft case provides excellent protection on the way to your spot, guarding against dings and scratching along the way. Upon arrival, the bag unfolds into a shooting platform that promises to be water-resistant and become a more comfortable place to aim.

The bag also features an internal pocket for ammunition as well as any extra accessories you may want to bring.

Get it at the SJK site, here.

SJK Flush 750: $119.95

Flush 750

The Flush 750 is a great option for those quick in-and-outs where all you need are your essentials.

This small pack has been designed with smaller capacity and greater range of motion in mind. It features removable shoulder straps, exterior pockets, and dual sided pockets designed to carry water bottles, but that can also serve as additional storage for accessories.

Weighing only 1lb 13oz with 750 cubic inches of storage space, this pack is great for bow hunting or small game hunting.

Get it here.

SJK Snare 2000: $179.95

Snare 2000

This pack features over twice the space of the SJK Flush 750 with a little over twice the weight.

The pack's main compartment is exceptionally roomy and combined with dual outer pockets that offer plenty of space for any extra gear or clothing. The single stay suspension system keeps the pack light and comfortable under heavy loads. This feature is great in combination with the weapon carry system (perfect for bows or rifles) and trophy carry system (perfect for your spoils on the way back). The pack also boasts a tear-resistant fabric.

The Snare 2000 weighs 3lbs 6.5oz and has 2,050 cubic inches of storage space. With the space, support, and carry features, this pack is great for small game or deer hunting.

Get it here.

SJK Carbine 2500: $199.95

Carbine 2500

The Carbine 2500 is very similar in terms of utility to the Snare 2000, but with some additional tactical features.

It has an increased volume of 2,450 cubic inches while only weighing 4.5 oz more (at a total of 3lbs 11oz). Like the Snare 2000, the Carbine 2500 features a weapon carry system, but has additional outside pockets for more organizational potential. This pack also features a compression system that is multi-use; it keeps your load secure per the standard, but can also work as a trophy carry system. One of the coolest features in the collection is the built in rifle rest available on this pack which provides additional stability while out on the trail.

This is another pack great for deer or small game hunts. It could be best utilized for all day hunts or for overnight hunts where a minimalist approach is best.

Get it here.

SJK Rail Hauler 2500: $279.95

Rail Hauler 2500

The Rail Hauler 2500 is one of the larger and more rugged packs in this collection of tactical gear.

Designed to carry loads that lean on the heavier side, this pack features an external aluminum frame and removable roll-top pack that can support upwards of 200 lbs. The versatility in carrying layouts shines with this pack. The standard layout has the removable pack sitting on a foldout shelf at the bottom of the frame with a vertical strap system and wrap around "wings" to keep the pack secure.

This setup is great for on your way to camp or on your way out as you start. The removable pack can be worn alone, without the frame, as a lighter, but less supportive day pack. You can also use the pack in "trophy carry" mode, with space available between the frame and the removable pack to carry gear, meat, or anything else on the heavy side that you may want close to your back.

Like the SJK Carbine 2500 and Snare 2000, this pack features a stowable weapon carry system. It has 2,500 cubic inches of space available in the standard layout and upwards of 5,000 cubic inches of space in "trophy carry" mode. It weighs 6 lbs 15 oz all together.

The Rail Hauler Frame is also available by itself for $169.95 and weighs 5 lbs 2 oz. This might be a great option if you already have a pack and just need some extra support.

Get the full setup here or just the rail here.

SJK Bounty 4500: $299.95

Bounty 4500

Last in the tactical collection from SJK is the Bounty 4500 pack.

This pack has almost every feature from the smaller in the collection, all rolled into one impressive bundle. It features a stowable weapon carry system, a load carry system (like the "trophy carry" mode above) for additional space, highly tear-resistant fabric, a military-grade, dual stay suspension system, plenty of outer pockets, a detachable field pack, a detachable main pack, and a rifle shooting platform.

While this pack was designed for high elevation hunts and game, the vast amount of options available makes it perfect for just about any hunt you have in mind, be it deer, elk, small game, or whatever you're looking to spot. The SJK Bounty 4500 weighs 5 lbs 14 oz and has 4,554 cubic inches of space available in the standard layout and upwards of 9,000 cubic inches of space available while using the load carry system.

Get it here.

These packs make up SJK Hunting's new line for Fall 2014. The versatility, innovation, and functionality in these products makes them ideal for the modern, tactical oriented hunter. If you count yourself on the forefront of hunting, grab some of this gear.

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SJK Hunting's Tactical Packs for the Modern Hunter [VIDEO]