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Sixth Largest Louisiana Swordfish Caught by Female

Images via Marvel

After a discouraging morning, one of the largest Louisiana swordfish ever caught came to the boat. 

Leigh Moore was fishing with Capt. Peace Marvel on a chartered fishing trip that she had won during a charity auction. During the morning, several break offs from tuna resulted in Moore being the only fisherman on the boat to still not land a fish.

By mid afternoon however, they had caught close to their limit of tuna and decided to try for swordfish. Little did they know, one of the largest Louisiana swordfish in history was about to make an appearance.

Peace Marvel

As said in an interview, Capt. Marvel doesn’t fish for swordfish like other charter captains of the Louisiana coast. As is common practice, most use electronic reels and fish at depths well over 1,000 feet deep. Once a fish is hooked, the reel brings the fish in on its own.

However Marvel prefers to do this all by hand crank, just like the traditional method of fishing.

Russ Pylant

After dropping their line down to almost 1,600 feet, a large fish took the bait. Moore refused to take the rod at first due to her recent break offs with tuna, but she reluctantly agreed and the fight was on. The boat captain knew almost right away that it was a big fish by how it stayed deep and the long runs of it line that it took from the reel.

Russ Pylant

An hour later, the record swordfish finally came to surface and was brought on board. Immediately, Marvel and crew took the fish to certified scales where it measured 173.8 pounds, taking sixth place all time for the largest Louisiana swordfish caught by a recreational angler.

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Sixth Largest Louisiana Swordfish Caught by Female