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Six-Point Buck Commits Crime to Play in Bouncy Castle [VIDEO]


Turns out this young buck isn't so different from human children.

A Pump It Up location in Mount Juliet, Tennesse recently had its first break-in. The vandal that committed the crime was found bouncing on the inflatable attractions.

Who would be so brazen to break a window just to play on the furniture? A six-point buck.

Check out the video.

The young buck broke through a narrow glass window, leaving shards across the floor. The deer was not believed to be injured in the process.

The buck was not charged with any crimes, and eventually the local police chased it out the back door into a nearby field.

I guess as far as break-ins go, this is the kind you should hope for. There was no interest in money or valuables. There was no willful vandalism just for the sake of destruction. There was absolutely no malicious intent. It was just a young deer wanting to get in some time on the bouncy things. There are far worse things.

Wildlife and glass windows usually don't get along well. An animal may see its reflection and challenge the new rival by clashing with it.

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Six-Point Buck Commits Crime to Play in Bouncy Castle [VIDEO]