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6 Off-Limit Places You Secretly Wish You Could Hunt and Fish [PICS]

Mel Fechter

Maybe it’s the fact that these places are off limits to outdoorsmen that make them so appealing…but it doesn’t help that they’re usually loaded up with fish and game too.

Being a hunter or fisherman is not a conditional state; it’s what we are all the time.

See if you’ve ever secretly longed to sneak your hunting and fishing gear into any of these prohibited places.

College Campuses

julycampus-67 wesleyan
Wesleyan University

It’s probably all the nuts in academia that draw them, but if I could get my squirrel gun on campus, I’d limit out in no time. So many fat and lazy bushy tails!

Most of the time they don’t bother to get out of the way of pedestrians let alone someone gunning for them. I don’t think anyone would miss them…except maybe that lady in the picture.

Municipal Sewage Treatment Ponds

J. Watson

Let’s put aside table fare for the moment and simply consider the numbers.

Cruise past settling ponds during the fall or winter and gaze in awe at the flocks of ducks and geese hanging around. Set your blind up near one of the pumps to drown out the sound of your shotgun blasting away.

It’s perfect, except who’s gonna go retrieve those birds? Not it!

Golf Courses

Pine Ridge

Depending on where you live, a golf course can be a sportsman’s paradise.

Deer, turkey, elk, and geese can be found roaming the fairways while giant bass, bluegills and even alligators lurk the water hazards.

Think someone makes a golf bag big enough to slip a baitcasting rig, bow and a quiver full of arrows into? What about a golf cart with a shotgun rack? Seems practical.

Whitetail Farms

Russ Bellar Big Buck

So much bone!

Some of these bucks are sheer freaks you’d be hard pressed to find in the wild, which is part of the allure.

You can’t tell me you’ve never seen deer like this and split your gazing time between their racks and their vitals all while estimating yardage.

Waterfowl Sanctuaries


All ducks and geese are born knowing where these are and when shooting hours start and end. That’s why you’ll see them careening solidly within the confines of the sanctuary during daylight while you freeze and soak simultaneously on the other side of the off-limits signs.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get just one day on the other side?

The Aquarium at Cabela’s


Come on. It’s designed to get our hearts thumping so who’d blame us if we tried to wet a line?

Ever wonder what kind of damage you could do if you “accidentally” got locked inside the store overnight? Make a strategic stroll through the fishing department to arm yourself then take up a position above the tank and get hammering…all catch and release of course.

Sure these places fall outside of what’s considered true hunting and fishing (and lawful activities), but sometimes it’s fun to dream.

Go on admit it, this isn’t the first time these thoughts have crossed your mind.

If the law were no issue, where would you like a free pass to?

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6 Off-Limit Places You Secretly Wish You Could Hunt and Fish [PICS]