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Eight of the Best Bill Dance GIFs in Existence [PICS]

Here are 8 of the best Bill Dance GIFs.

The hilarious host of television shows Bill Dance Outdoors and Bill Dance Saltwater is as famous for his love of the outdoors, Tennessee Volunteers hat/sunglasses combo, and great knowledge, as he is his hilarious fails.

1. Nothing like kicking things off with a runaway tractor. You know, those darn things really can get away from you. Especially with a cooler on front tipping the balance.

From Imgur
From Imgur

2. When leading the boat down to the slip there’s always a risk of the truck getting ahead of itself. When it happens, well, you’re all the sudden looking like a mini-Titanic.

Taking on Water

3.You have to be careful for those crazy hooks when they start to get a mind of their own. Next thing you know, you’re ducking and dodging, and… cursing.

Watch the Hook

4. When you do catch that first fish of the day, just go on and gently take it off the hook. Preferably in the boat. Don’t try and be a hero, or otherwise, there’s this…

Head First Dive

5. Just remember that the cameraman is your friend. He’s there to capture your best moments. Soaking him and possibly ruining his camera is bad form.

There Goes the Camera

6. When you’re loading up the boat, practice extra caution. Or else you’re wet before even leave the dock like Bill here.

Here's Lunch

7. If you end the day on a muddy inlet, make sure said muddy inlet can hold your weight. If it can’t, then tiiiimberrr…


8. And finally, when you leave for the day, watch out for that trailer hitch. It’ll jump up and grab ya!
Trailer Hitch Trip

Bill Dance is great for some comedy, but he’s also one of the more respected fishing guides around. Just goes to show that even the best are vulnerable, and happy to make us laugh from time to time. That’s what it’s all about after all. Life can’t be all work and no laughs.

Here’s some more great stuff on Bill Dance:

Featured image via Outdoor Channel

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Eight of the Best Bill Dance GIFs in Existence [PICS]