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Six Best 14ers to Hike in Colorado [PICS]


Get ready for intense hiking and remarkable views as you journey up to the top of these 14ers.

Colorado is home to 53 mountains that stretch higher than 14,000 feet known at the 14ers. They all offer amazing views of the mountain ranges around the state and when you reach the summit of each, you feel a sense of accomplishment nothing else can give you.

Here are a few of the best 14ers to hike in Colorado.

Mount Elbert – 14, 433 Feet


Mt. Elbert is the tallest mountain in Colorado. It provides multiple trails that start in a pine forest and emerge from the tree line. They all lead to the large, rounded dome summit offering spectacular views of the Sawatch Range.

The well-maintained paths take you on a 4.5-mile hike with a 4,400-elevation gain.

Capitol Peak – 14, 130 Feet


Capitol Peak is one of the most challenging 14ers in Colorado. You journey up 18 miles through Capitol Creek passes and aspen forests and finish on the class 4 knife edge to the summit featuring Capitol Lake.

Longs Peak – 14,255 Feet


Longs Peak is a class 3, 14-mile round trip hike. You climb five and a half miles up to a Keyhole rock feature that leads you on a steep, rocky climb to the summit.

Although most hikers pronounce Longs Peak as the 10th most challenging 14er in Colorado, only about 50 percent of backpackers that attempt the hike reach the summit. 14 miles is a long way, but most people tackle this mountain in one day.

Windom Peak – 14,082 Feet


Windom Peak is part of a trio of ranked 14ers including Sunlight Peak and Eolus Peak. Although a bit easier to hike than its neighbors, Windom is a steep climb with bulky boulders and offers some of the best views of the trio.

A coal-powered train has access to Windom and travels up the mountain along the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

San Luis Peak – 14,014 Feet

san luis

San Luis Peak is located in one of the most remote locations of the San Juan mountain range, which is part of its appeal.

You travel through alpine grasses to a rocky summit. The summit offers a view that is practically absent of any man-made landmarks.

Pikes Peak – 14,110 Feet

pikes peak

Pikes Peak is one of the best 14ers more for its fame rather than its hiking, although it does offer a decent hike having the greatest vertical gain of all the 14ers in Colorado. It is a 26-mile round trip hike with a 7,400-elevation gain starting from the trailhead in Manitou Springs. It is possible to finish this hike in one day, but the Barr cabins on the trail offer a great place to spend the night and finish the next day.

One thing Pikes Peak has at the summit that no other 14er has is a souvenir shop, hot coffee, and freshly made donuts.

Remember, there are over 50 14ers in Colorado; these are just simply some of the best. If you want to challenge yourself, feel accomplished, and get a supreme workout in for the day, hike one of these best 14ers in Colorado and they will not let you down.

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Six Best 14ers to Hike in Colorado [PICS]