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Six Bald Eagles Released to the Florida Wild [VIDEO]

six bald eagles

The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, Florida re-introduced six bald eagles back into the wild this week, and it’s great to see.

Due to a large number of busted and broken bald eagle nests this year, nine baby bald eagle birds were brought to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary for rehabilitation.

The Executive Director of the sanctuary David Hitzig said that the reason there was so many young birds that were injured is because of the way bald eagle’s build their nests.

“Even though eagles build very large nests, they’re not always the best engineers nor can they predict how active the babies are going to be or weather conditions. So sometimes the nest do fall apart and if they fall apart before the babies really are able to fly, sometimes that makes them vulnerable because they end up on the ground.”

It’s amazing to be able to see these six bald eagles released into the wild and able to go live their lives.

Here’s to hoping that the sanctuary can keep up the good work and keep getting these birds back to full strength and back out into the wild where they belong.

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Six Bald Eagles Released to the Florida Wild [VIDEO]