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Sitka Goes Big With Polygiene Connection for Permanent Scent Control [VIDEO]

Sitka is incorporating polygiene into their 2015 collection, and here’s why that’s a game-changing decision.

Hunters know all about the importance of scent control, and many of us have been busted at least once or twice because of a lack of attention to it.

We should know better: game animals like deer and elk have impeccable senses of smell, and tons of research has gone into helping this issue.

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One of the latest developments in scent control is being capitalized on by Sitka, as they are rolling out their 2015 line of apparel treated with polygiene, a cutting-edge silver-salt (silver chloride) additive that’s nearly perfected the concept of odor neutralization.

Polygiene, for the uninitiated, helps prohibit the growth of bacteria and fungi for the life of the garment. Though sweat itself is odorless, it can create an ideal environment for odor-causing bacteria to multiply. Mix that bacteria with more sweat, and you’re going to stink, plain and simple.


What polygiene does is apply the antimicrobial features of naturally occurring silver salt to the garment fabric itself, inhibiting the all-too-familiar odor that deer and other game animals can pick up far more easily than any human nose.

Combine that with the already sweat-wicking capabilities of Sitka’s bi-component polyester spandex blend fabric, and you’ve got a winning garment ready for the field, and any stellar olfactory systems of the quarry you’re after.

Take Sitka’s CORE Lightweight Crew, for example. Wide Open Spaces got an exclusive look at the polygiene-treated shirt, and though we’ve yet to take it on any extended hunts (and truly test the lifespan), we’re confident in saying that Sitka likely changed the game by making the polygiene connection.


To extensively test and review a hunting garment that boasts odor control for the life of the shirt, we couldn’t honestly put this Sitka CORE Crew through the paces without owning it for years, minimizing its wash cycles and putting ourselves in the vicinity of deer and other game repeatedly while studying the response. What we could do was sweat, and sweat a lot, while wearing the shirt, and give it the old human nose test. So far, it’s passed with flying colors.

Sitka is offering polygiene-treated apparel across its entire 2015 CORE Series line. Here’s a little more info from Sitka themselves:

With scent control becoming a major sub-sector of hunting apparel, there’s no reason why clothing and accessory companies should ignore the fact that, well, people stink. Imagine if the days of scent-free laundry soap or packing hunting clothes in a plastic tote until they’re ready to be worn were minimized, if not eliminated. You won’t have to imagine it for long; that’s the reality with Sitka’s new polygiene-treated apparel.

Find out more about what Sitka offers by visiting their website, and learn the ins and outs of polygiene here.

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Sitka Goes Big With Polygiene Connection for Permanent Scent Control [VIDEO]