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This Great Hunting Video Sums Up Why We Love To Hunt

This hunting video from Sitka Gear hits the target spot on as to why we love to hunt.

The hunting video tells a short visual story of two bowhunters pursuing a big bull elk in a gorgeous landscape, while a narrator poses questions about why hunters do what they do. The narrator’s touches on some excellent points as to why hunters devote so much of their lives, energy and passion to hunting. Here’s some of our favorites.

“Maybe it’s to experience that mind numbing adrenaline rush, to have your heart pounding so loudly that you physically can’t hear. Is it to have an experience so intense that the shaking of your knees makes you so weak it’s impossible to draw your bow?”

And these two questions about the human element and connection to the natural world:

“Is it to test nature’s chess game of predator versus prey? Is it to be out of our human element, to hear the soft crunch of whitetail walking through the leaves?”

We enjoyed this hunting video a lot, and think you will too.

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The narrator closes the short hunting film with a fitting summary of why we hunt. “There’s a thousand questions with a thousand answers why we hunt. Not one answer is more correct that the other. The answer doesn’t matter. As long as we pass the tradition on, they will know why.”

Sitka Gear makes some top quality apparel for hunters. They also have some other great videos too; check out on their Vimeo page.

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This Great Hunting Video Sums Up Why We Love To Hunt