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The Simplicity of Tenkara Fly Fishing: Still the Coolest Way to Fish [VIDEO]

Tenkara fly fishing is simply a rod, line, and fly. 

If you are not familiar with Tenkara fly fishing, it has actually been around for over 200 years, isolated to the mountain streams of Japan. It stayed that way until Daniel Galhardo founded Tenkara USA and brought this style of fishing to the United States in 2009. From that point on, a small revolution of traditional fly fisherman have grabbed on to tenkara with both hands and not let go.

In this video by Tenkara USA, you will see for yourself just how effective tenkara fly fishing can be, even if you have no idea how to fly fish, or even where to begin.

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I have been an avid tenkara fisherman for just under a year now. My first rod was an Iwana, from Tenkara USA. From my own personal experience, this thing flat out catches fish. I have watched my wife catch fish, and watched others (that have no business ever even picking up a western fly rod) see success as well.

Photo by the author

The joy and accomplishment they felt by presenting a fly and catching a fish using a tenkara rod was a pretty special thing.

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The Simplicity of Tenkara Fly Fishing: Still the Coolest Way to Fish [VIDEO]