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Simba the Cat Survives Arrow Shot Through Its Head [VIDEO]

One Arkansas cat is lucky to be alive after it was found with an arrow shot through its head.

According to a report by Fox 43 News out of Arkansas, Simba the cat is owned by a 13-year-old Fayetteville girl. While the girl was out of town, her neighbor was caring for Simba, and when she found the cat with an arrow shot through its head last Wednesday morning, she immediately called Fayetteville Animal Services.

Check out this video report.

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Veterinarian Valerie Henley was able to successfully remove the arrow, and expects Simba to make a full recovery. Henley told Fox 43 “The arrow was straight through the head. In through the cheek, out through the nose.”

She went on to say “I just pulled [the arrow] all the way out, and it came out no problem, no bleeding.” Henley also said that when Simba arrived for surgery he was still energetic, and was even purring.

The Fayetteville Police Department and Fayetteville Animal Services are working together to found the person responsible, and plan to prosecute on charges of animal cruelty.

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Simba the Cat Survives Arrow Shot Through Its Head [VIDEO]