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Silencing the Swine with the Micro Suppressor

Excalibur Crossbows claim the Micro Suppressor is set to change the world of bowhunting, and from this pig hunt footage we might just agree!

Excalibur Crossbow has always been known for the most consistent, accurate, and dependable crossbows on the market, but the new Micro Suppressor tackles one thing every hunter can relate to; noise.

Most of you saw the Excalibur Destruction Challenge, where they literally drove over the crossbow with a truck (and ran it through many more brutal tests), but with the new Sound Deadening System in the Micro Suppressor you stand a pretty good chance at multiple shots on your next hunt.

See Excalibur president Rob Dykeman testing the crossbow while pig hunting:

Another favorite feature on this bow includes the Bullpup Ready Rest stock, effectively shortening the bow an additional 2.5 inches when compared to their Micro 355. This makes the Micro Suppressor the quietest and most compact recurve crossbow ever engineered. The deadly combination of stealth and maneuverability means you can hunt easier in treestands, blinds, or even while carrying the bow in the woods.

Rounding out the Micro Suppressor Package is a host of premium accessories, including the Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope, the new 2017 X-Hanger Multi-Positional 3-Arrow Quiver, 3 Quill Arrows, three 150 grain field points and a Rope Cocking Aid.

Dan Wallace, host of Huntin' The Backwoods, walks you through the new features in the overview video below. If a quieter, better balanced crossbow is what you're looking for we suggest visiting an Excalibur Crossbow dealer to hear it for yourself.

Visit the Excalibur Facebook Page for more hunting videos with the Micro Suppressor.

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Silencing the Swine with the Micro Suppressor