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SilencerCo Wins Best Booth at SHOT Show 2015 [PICS]

Images via SilencerCo

SilencerCo uses innovative design and powerful themes to make a point and take home the trophy as SHOT Show 2015

SHOT Show is the firearms industry’s biggest annual trade show. There you’ll find booths for companies that sell everything hunting, shooting, and outdoor trade-related from hunter safety gear to AK-47s.

SilencerCo, an emerging force in the gun suppressor industry, brought their “A” game and took home the Best Booth given out by prominent firearms marketing agency Primer Strategy.

SilencerCo went above and beyond the standard trade show booth. They built an enclosed art gallery-style structure with an exposed brick facade and filled it with ten portraits and 20 silenced firearms to kick off their yearlong protest theme #FightTheNoise. The outside looked like an old building with playbills and posters stuck to the brick.



Inside portraits on the walls showed men, women and children from all walks of life holding silenced weapons and tape over their mouths reading #FightTheNoise. There was even a mobile hanging from the rafters made of actual silenced firearms.



Katie Perrine, president of Primer Strategy said of the booth, “It really embodied what Primer sees as the new direction of the firearms industry – strong, creative, unconventional designs without fear of breaking traditions.”

gun mobile



#FightTheNoise is more than a catchy hashtag, it’s a grassroots campaign to get gun owners to demand quieter firearms and have fewer regulations on silencers. SilencerCo is planning on using the hashtag to mobilize the public throughout 2015.

Are you ready to join the revolution?

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SilencerCo Wins Best Booth at SHOT Show 2015 [PICS]