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SilencerCo Weapons Research Announces First Product [VIDEO]

Project #BeyondHuman from SilencerCo has announced their first product from their weapons research product.

This rail-mounted rangefinder has capabilities of reaching out to a mile, and it can be attached to a picatinny rail in any orientation.

It’s designed to hold the shooter to the gun, without having to break free or break your wallet.

Take a peek at the video below for the promo and a more in-depth look at the Radius.

Its main goal was to serve long distance shooters with its configurable display and 12 hours of range life running off of two CR123 batteries. On top of these capabilities, the rangefinder was designed to withstand extreme elements that shooters may encounter.

With the price being set at $999 and pre-orders being taken now, serious shooters may have something to look into.

This rangefinder weighs a mere 18 ounces with batteries and will pick up a reflective target at an even mile, while finding non-reflective targets up to 1,000 yards. The nearly 6-inch by 3-inch design will keep you down on the gun for any shot you’re attempting to make.

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SilencerCo Weapons Research Announces First Product [VIDEO]