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FPSRussia Shows Off the Incredible SilencerCo Suppressor [VIDEO]

The SilencerCo suppressor can now be deemed awesome, thanks to this guy’s new video.

Recently SilencerCo unveiled the Salvo-12 Shotgun Suppressor, “the first and only commercially-viable shotgun suppressor on earth,” according to the company site. A friendly professional Russian got a chance to put the thing through it’s paces.

In the video below, FPSRussia gets to see how quiet this new can will make your shotgun.

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The suppressor is useful for hunting, clay shooting and even home defense. As long as a shotgun has a choked barrel, the suppressor will fit it with a few exceptions.

Adapters are available to customize the suppressor’s connection to your firearm, so it’s important to note that you can’t exactly pull it out of the box and use it.

Would you suppress your shotgun? What kind of uses do you see for a suppressed shotgun? Let us know in the comments below.

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FPSRussia Shows Off the Incredible SilencerCo Suppressor [VIDEO]