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SilencerCo Launches Suppression-Optimized Ammo [VIDEO]

Suppression-optimized ammo just went to the top of our Christmas list.

SilencerCo Firearm Suppressors is leading the way when it comes to suppressors for all different kinds of firearms available today. The company's technology behind the products it makes is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Unfortunately for its competition, SilencerCo just broke the mold -- again -- with its new suppression-optimized ammo, now available.

This video from SilencerCo explains all the details, as well as the science behind this special ammunition.

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The revolutionary Harvester Subsonic 300 BLK high-performance ammunition is specifically designed to be shot through firearms with suppressors for both hunting and high-performance target shooting. This ammo travels in the sub-Minute of Angle range and still delivers the impact of a 220 grain bullet coupled with distinct sound suppression.

"At SilencerCo, we are customers first, hunters and shooters," says Joshua Waldron, SilencerCo's chief executive officer. "We were underwhelmed by the quality of subsonic ammo on the market. Customers shouldn't have to accept a trade-off between accuracy and sound reduction, so we designed the Harvester ammo line to provide sub-MOA accuracy in the quietest subsonic 300 BLK ammunition on the market."

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SilencerCo Launches Suppression-Optimized Ammo [VIDEO]