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SilencerCo Introduces a Shorter, More Versatile Pistol Silencer [VIDEO]

Leading firearm-suppression manufacturer, SilencerCo, continues to change the game in handgun suppression.

SilencerCo will continue to lead the firearm suppression pack in 2015.

We now have specific details on two new products that, while developed specifically for military use, are sure to also make a huge splash in the civilian market.


As you can see in the video, both the new Octane K 45 and the Osprey K 45 were developed in order to be submitted (alongside handguns from several different firearms manufacturers) to the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition. The goal of the MHS competition is to see what handgun will be adopted by various branches as the military’s next standard issue sidearm.

SilencerCo CEO Joshua Waldron said in a press release on Monday,  “We engineered these silencers to meet a military need for products suited to close-quarters combat.”

While developed initially for military use, both of these suppressors will be available on the civilian market, as well.

Waldron went on to say, “At the same time, we also wanted to answer the request of many of our civilian customers that asked for a shorter, hearing-safe pistol can.”

Both new suppressors are shorter, lighter-weight versions of the standard Octane and Osprey counterparts, making them more maneuverable and easier to shoot.

Suppressors (or “silencers”) have a wide array of civilian applications; many use them in hunting or recreational-shooting environments to reduce the chance of hearing damage when fired without ear protection, such as in a hunting situation. Since 2008 SilencerCo has been at the forefront of firearm-suppression technology, and we can’t wait to see what else they come up with in 2015.

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SilencerCo Introduces a Shorter, More Versatile Pistol Silencer [VIDEO]