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SilencerCo Heads to Arizona for Some Fun [VIDEO]

SilencerCo hits the backcountry of Arizona in the second installment of their “Find Your Range” series.

Skydiving, off-road vehicles, night vision and guns are all a part of this awesome video from SilencerCo.

This video will have you itching to hit the range.

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This video leaves me wondering how I can get a job with SilencerCo. I’ve never tried skydiving, but everything else in this video is right up my alley.

Who wouldn’t want to skydive into the desert, shoot some awesome guns, drink a beer, and shoot some more? SilencerCo has got me hooked on these “Find Your Range” videos. How about you?


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SilencerCo Heads to Arizona for Some Fun [VIDEO]