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Coyote Hunting with Silencerco Suppressors Looks Like Fun!

Suppressors and coyote hunting are a match made in heaven.

While restrictions abound on the legal methods of take for big game animals across the country, rules on coyote hunting weapons are much less restrictive.

In this video from Silencerco, we get to witness a software guru taking his first coyote on the wide open prairies of Utah. With the aid of a Silencerco suppressor and an experienced song dog killer, this big dog doesn’t stand a chance.

Watch the video to see how this hunter’s first predator hunt unfolded.

Coyote hunting is a great way to get out and hunt once big game seasons have closed. You’ll also feel good knowing that you’ve done a favor for your local deer, turkeys, and livestock by eliminating one of their main predators.

While most folks hunt coyotes strictly for their hides, we’ve seen evidence that they are edible and, if properly prepared, they might even taste good. It’s up to you what you do with your ‘yote once it’s down, but there’s no doubt that predator hunting is a lot of wintertime fun.

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Coyote Hunting with Silencerco Suppressors Looks Like Fun!