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Sight in Your Rifle in 30 Seconds [VIDEO]

Short on time? Here’s how to sight in your rifle in 30 seconds.

Watch the video to save yourself a bunch of time and ammo next time you get a new scope.

In case you weren’t paying attention, let’s review.

  • Place your rifle on a solid rest or in a vise.
  • Get the crosshairs on target and fire one shot.
  • Reposition the gun and get the crosshairs on your original aiming point.
  • WITHOUT MOVING THE GUN, turn the elevation and windage dials on your scope until the crosshairs cover the bullet hole.
  • Shoot another shot to make sure you are on target.

I’ve tried this method and it definitely works. The main key is to keep the gun steady while adjusting the scope.

Give it a try the next time you need to sight in a new gun or optic and spend less time sighting in and more time shooting.

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Sight in Your Rifle in 30 Seconds [VIDEO]