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How to Sight in Your Bow with Levi Morgan

Whether you just picked up a new bow, or have struggled to hit the mark with your current bow, let Levi Morgan teach you how to sight in your bow.

Levi Morgan knows a thing or two about shooting bows. At a young age, he already broken numerous records and has achieved World Champion status on the archery range. He is so accurate that he is the only archer to ever score a perfect 500 in an IBO tournament.

Watch this tutorial video by Levi Morgan covering how to sight in your bow.

As an avid bowhunter and shooter this video caught my attention. Like many other archers out there, in the past I have sighted my bow in the more traditional fashion of shooting at the bullseye of a target. The traditional method no doubt works well, but the concept of shooting at horizontal and vertical lines is one worth noting.

One great thing about using this method for sighting in your bow is the way it focuses you on either the horizontal or the vertical axis. I know I’ve been guilty of shooting a shot a group and trying to adjust both axis at the same time. It really is too much going on in the mind at once.

The big take away for me personally from this tutorial on how to sight in your bow is to stay simple and solve one problem at a time. One great challenge in archery is seeing how accurate you can get, and this technique may help you get a little closer to that mark.

Sighting in your bow and learning how to sight in your bow correctly can mean the difference between success in the field or coming home empty handed.


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How to Sight in Your Bow with Levi Morgan