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Sidney Crosby is Passionate About Hockey AND Fishing

sidney crosby

Sidney Crosby is an NHL superstar who loves to wet a line when he’s not at the rink.

Many compare him to Wayne Gretzky. He’s been labelled ‘the next one.’ On the ice, he is a superstar. But did you know that Sidney Crosby’s other sport and passion is fishing?

It seems like a lot of athletes are avid outdoors people, whether that passion is for hunting, fishing, or both. For Crosby, born and bred on the east coast of Canada, it’s nice to know he’s just like you and me.

“Fishing is a great example, what can work one day, you know, same conditions and same everything the next, and for some reason it doesn’t work. So it’s kind of a new challenge. Something that’s fun.”

Who wouldn’t love to share a boat with Sidney Crosby? The hockey stories he would tell would make great fodder for the next camp fire.

It’s always great to see someone in the spotlight speak highly of our outdoor heritage. It certainly helps in getting the next generation hooked.


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Sidney Crosby is Passionate About Hockey AND Fishing