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Sick Moose Charges Man in Vermont [VIDEO]

After a man in Vermont stops a moose from attacking his car, he has to run and hide inside to protect himself. Suffering from brainworm, this sick moose doesn't know what it's doing.

Imagine looking out your front door to see a 1,000-pound moose trying to jump on your car. That's what happened to this man in Vermont.

He ran outside to save the car, but the sick moose charged him and he quickly headed back to his house for safety. He grabs the video camera while the moose stalks the house, charging and circling in random fits of aggression.

Watch the footage to see what happens next.

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Once the game warden arrives, the man learns the bull moose's odd behavior is due to brainworm, a parasite that impacts many ungulates, especially moose.

The moose was euthanized and the man, and his car, were kept safe.

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Sick Moose Charges Man in Vermont [VIDEO]