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Sick Bald Eagle Gets Hand Fed by Skilled Rehabilitator

sick bald eagle

A critically sick bald eagle gets some tender loving care by being held and hand fed. Man feeding it does so with a great bedside manner.

Martin Tyner, a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, does his job with care and sensitivity. He calmly and reassuringly holds a sick bald eagle and feeds it, talking gently to it the whole time. It's a great example of how to deal with injured and anxious animals.

The eagle had a severe respiratory infection. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources brought it to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah for care and treatment. Tyner does his best to calm the nervous bird before catching it and lifting it into his arms. He also tries to avoid being bitten by the anxious raptor.

Without the benefit of leather gloves he holds the big bird of prey and feeds it, offering it chunks of meat, which it gulps down hungrily.

He uses his best soothing words to keep the eagle focused and calm, and it seems to work wonderfully.

According to the website, the Southwest Wildlife Foundation (SWF) is a "non-profit public organization, providing wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and promoting wildlife education in Southwestern Utah."

The SWF cares for approximately 100 sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife each year. Restoring these animals to health and returning them to the wild is our primary goal. For those with permanent disabilities that cannot be released, the Cedar Canyon Nature Park can provide a permanent home in a natural setting.

Judging from many of the comments on the video, people are very impressed with Tyner and his work with this bald eagle.

One commenter wrote, "I'm in tears as I post this. Thank you for taking care of our national treasure. God Bless you and our beautiful eagles!" Another wrote, simply, "You sir are good at what you do."

Indeed he is.

Unfortunately, we do not know the ultimate outcome with this sick bald eagle.

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Sick Bald Eagle Gets Hand Fed by Skilled Rehabilitator