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Siberian Farmer Says Yeti Spooked His Animals

Daily Mail

A Siberian farmer alleges that he saw the infamous yeti and found its footprints near his cows.

Alexander Shadrin didn’t want to see a yeti, let alone admit to it, but when he got a face-to-face look at it, even he was convinced. Scared to death, but convinced.

As Shadrin said, ”I would never believe this if I had not seen with my own eyes.”

Shadrin explained further:

“After work, it was already 10 p.m. I was riding on a motorcycle in my district. I suddenly saw the cows running towards me. They should have been sleeping.

“After the cows ran away, I saw glowing eyes in the dark. At first I thought it was a calf that had lagged behind. And when I was some (50 feet) from this creature and lit it with my headlight, I realized what it really was – and even my heels turned cold.

Its height was roughly (8 feet tall), all hairy – light silver hairs. I was greatly scared…”

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In yet another twist, fisherman Alexei Kovalenko was simply looking for worms on the riverbank when he found something more sinister.

“I went along the river to dig some, and I saw a footstep,” Kovalenko said. “I initially thought that it was a human’s. I looked closer and realized that it did not look like a human’s. It also did not look like bear’s footprint.”

“I’m a hunter, and I know what a bear’s mark is like, Kovalenko added. “It has a different shape and claws… and this one has no claws. And judging by the footsteps it walked strangely – toes inside, and the step is wide. The footsteps were strongly pressed into the ground, obviously because of the weight of the creature.”

Even though DNA from yeti ‘hair’ and ‘footprints’ have been shown to come from other animals, local eyewitnesses are rarely set at ease. Uncertaintly regarding sightings usually stems from bad pictures or shaky and/or distant video. Interestingly enough, even without persuasive footage, many people still believe in things like bigfoot and the yeti of lore.

As it stands now there are so many groups devoted to finding these creatures it’s too hard to list. Will they one day be found and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, or will it just be a wild goose chase forever?

Stay tuned!

Cover photo via Daily Mail


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Siberian Farmer Says Yeti Spooked His Animals