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Show Your Devotion with One of These Fishing T-Shirts

If it takes fishing t-shirts to satisfy your desire to let folks know you’re an angler, here are some great choices.

10 - acdc fishing parody

Our friends at have a pretty cool thing going. Their system offers a way to design and sell custom apparel online, for fundraising, marketing, or just a need to get wholesale prices on awesome stuff.

Their collection of fishing t-shirts is highlighted in this slideshow, because why say it when your shirt can say it for you?

View the slideshow for some cool fishing t-shirt designs, and snoop around while you’re at, there’s something for everybody.

The Evolution of a Fisherman

Photo via SunFrog

With The Evolution of a Fisherman, anglers can trace the origins of their fishing affinity.

From early hominids to modern man, fishing was the last thing needed to fully evolve, right?

Keep Calm and Fish On

Photo via SunFrog

A spin on one of today’s most popular phrases, the Keep Calm and Fish On shirt gets the message across nicely. No one needs to stress out over life when there’s fishing to be done!

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Man I Love Fishing

Photo via SunFrog

What did you think that acronym stood for? It’s “Man I Love Fishing” and nothing else!

If you’re the type that likes attention and double takes just because of the t-shirt you’re wearing, this one’s for you.

I Hook Fish

Photo via SunFrog

A more subtle take than the previous fishing t-shirt, this one let’s people know that “I Hook Fish” thanks to fishing hooks that make the shape of a heart.

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Bite Me

Photo via SunFrog

If worms, minnows or other live bait could actually talk, wouldn’t you want them to say something like Bite Me?

Lures too; if we could get them to persuade the fish to take a nibble, we’d be catching our limits daily.

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Keep Calm and Troll On

Photo via SunFrog

Even more specific than the previous “Keep Calm…” shirt, this Keep Calm and Troll On one is a great addition to your wardrobe.

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Hooked On Fishing

Photo via SunFrog

If you’re Hooked On Fishing then this is a no-brainer. C’mon, you know puns and t-shirts go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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Get Your Bass in Gear

Photo via SunFrog

Those who don’t listen to a shirt that says Get Your Bass in Gear are those who aren’t going to accompany you on a fishing trip anyway.

Spot those who laugh, and you may have a new angling buddy in the making.

Eat, Sleep, Fish

Photo via SunFrog

When all you really do is Eat, Sleep, Fish, and you’re entire day revolves around those three and only those three activities, you’re living the dream as far as a angling lifer is concerned.

Of course there are other things in life, but do they take precedence over these priorities? We think not.


Photo via SunFrog

“For those about to fish bass, we salute you!”

Get a load of this AC/DC fishing shirt, a great combo of rock and roll and angling. If classic rock is on your fishing playlist, this would be a wise choice for apparel while you’re out on the water.


Photo via SunFrog

A parody of Apple is always a winner, especially when you can connect the geek factor (in a good way!) with the fishing factor.

The iFish shirt will get the reaction you’re looking for, and maybe even strike up a conversation with a fellow fishing geek.

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Show Your Devotion with One of These Fishing T-Shirts