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Don’t Always Rely on Acorns When Hunting [VIDEO]

Deer love acorns, but hunting the acorn drop is not always the best strategy.

You’ve probably heard the idea that hunting when acorns fall is a fantastic approach to the early season. Heck, you may have even read as much on our site.

But not so fast, there’s a little more to it than that. In fact, it might not be a great idea, depending on your specific circumstances.

Whitetail expert Bill Winke explains why planning your hunt around acorns may be a mistake.

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There is no doubt that hunting near a concentrated stand of oak trees dropping acorns is an effective hunting strategy, but when oak trees cover acres or miles, deer could be anywhere.

If this is the case in your hunting area, you will need to rely on other aspects of the area such as terrain features, water sources, and natural funnels to find deer. Don’t just rely on acorns.

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Don’t Always Rely on Acorns When Hunting [VIDEO]