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Las Vegas Gun Store Gives New Meaning to “Shotgun Weddings” [VIDEO]

Celebrate your wedding with guns, because ‘Murica.

Las Vegas has a host of bizarre wedding venues, so a gun range that offers lovebirds the chance to seal their vows with shotguns, machine guns and other firearms should come as no surprise. The Gun Store offers couples gun-themed weddings called “Shotgun Weddings”. Unlike real shotgun weddings, the participants in these ceremonies look like they’re having blast.

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“People come to Vegas for unique weddings and we wanted to offer couples a new and exciting alternative,” Emily Miller, the gun range’s marketing director, told the Daily Mail. ‘We’re the only gun range in Vegas that offers weddings and as far as I know we’re the only one in the world.”

The shotgun weddings are performed by an ordained minister inside the Gun Store. The bridge and groom can choose which gun they want to to hold during the ceremony and fire off at the range from the store’s ridiculously long menu of rentable firearms.

Image via Facebook/The Gun Store
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Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Miller said the store caters to a wide variety of clients.

“I had one bride who chose to marry in her grandmother’s antique wedding dress another couple who chose to marry in Man Utd shirts and we have others who want the whole western and mobster theme, so we really do cater for all tastes.” 

The wedding packages start at $500 and include a legal wedding ceremony, access to a VIP shooting range, five rounds per bridge and groom on a shotgun, and bag of swag from the store.

Hey, if you want memorable wedding photos, this might be your venue.

Would your fiancé be game for one of these “shotgun weddings”? Let us know in the comments section. 

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Las Vegas Gun Store Gives New Meaning to “Shotgun Weddings” [VIDEO]