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Shotgun Trick Shots With Chris Cheng [VIDEO]

Chris Cheng, winner of the History Channel’s “Top Shot” competition, shows off some shotgun trick shots.

We love shooting. Loading up our favorite firearm and getting outside is something we live for. When it’s done on the closed course of the range with all of the safety rules in place, it’s one of the most rewarding activities we can think of.

Enter Chris Cheng and friends. This shotgun “artist” is a wiz when it comes to taking one of our favorite firearms and giving it new life within the shooting sports. Whether it’s standard clay pigeons or a can of shaving cream, we want to see what this guy will aim at next, and how he will shoot it.

Just wait until you see how this guy “shoots” free throws.

Chris Cheng, 35, is a California native, professional marksman, and spokesman for Bass Pro Shops. He has a Political Science degree from UCLA and a Masters in International Policy Studies from Monterey Institute of International Studies.

When he’s not plying those trades, he can be found on the gun range practicing some amazing shotgun trick shots. He was the winner of the fourth season of History Channel’s “Top Shot” competition, and claimed a $100,000 grand prize.

Here is the right way to shoot safely and have a load of fun doing it. As Americans, we love our shooting sports and want nothing more than the right to do it freely and safely. With videos like this one gaining in popularity, everyone can see that learning to use firearms correctly is in everyone’s best interest.

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Shotgun Trick Shots With Chris Cheng [VIDEO]