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5 Effective Shotgun Shells for Dove Hunting

RST Classic Shotshell Company offers a variety of shotgun shells for dove season.

Do you want to improve your hit-to-miss ratio this dove season? Do you want to bag more birds and see less cripples? Nothing beats wingshooting practice but the next most important thing you can do is use quality, purpose-built shotshells.

RST has you covered. Most of these loads are available in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge.

Are you in one of the new Non-Toxic Only Dove Zones? If you must use non-toxic shot in your dove hunting area, check out Poly-Wad Greenlite Shotshells.

Photo from RST Classic Shotshell Company

RST Pheasant

These 2 3/4-inch, 1 1/4-ounce loads are listed as having a velocity of 1200 feet per second. While this is somewhat of a heavy load for doves, it has proven its worth on high-flying whitewings, windy days and long range opportunities.

Available in #6 or #5 shot, these loads crush doves with ease at long ranges. They pattern excellent with a variety of chokes, including the tighter chokes you’d choose for long range shooting.

Falcon Ultra Lite

At just 2 1/2-inches, and with a load of just 3/4-ounce, these are some very pleasant loads to shoot. If you have an old doublegun that requires lighter or shorter shotshells this ammo will get that old gun back in the dove field.

With 1125 feet per second velocity, these shotgun shells are light-recoiling but hard hitting. The patterns are very consistent and dense with no flyers on our test patterns.

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Spreader Lite

This offering from RST is the perfect load for close range doves, decoying doves or for shooting shotguns with very tight chokes. With 1-0unce of shot in 12 gauge and 7/8 -ounce of shot in 20 gauge, these shotgun shells are offered in #7.5, 8 and 9 shot.

The patterns averaged 8 percent larger than a similar standard load shot through the same choke. A bigger pattern can mean the difference between a hit and a miss. On opening day, these proved very effective on doves coming to decoys at an average range of 25 yards.

RST Lite

These shotgun shells have a velocity of 1100 feet per second and offer shot sizes from #10 up to #5. They have very light recoil and are great for any recoil sensitive shooter, particularly new, young and smaller built dove hunters. In spite of the low recoil they pattern good and have plenty of power to knock down doves. Since the recoil is so low, these shotgun shells may not cycle all semi-automatic shotguns.

Poly-Wad Greenlite Shotshells

Photo via Poly-Wad

Greenlite shotgun shells were designed to be environmentally friendly, economical and effective. By combining non-toxic shot with bio-degradable and photo-degradable components Poly-Wad offers a shotshell that leave very little footprint in your shooting area.

Advertised as “1000 miles per hour” and “The speed of light,” Greenlite shotgun shells averaged 1500 feet per second over our chronograph.

The soft steel pellets, made from recycled material, is listed as size 7-8, which is not as big as #7 but not as small as #8. Isn’t this the same thing as # 7 1/2 that we are used to?

Additionally, Poly-Wad says the Greenlite shotshells are “low noise.” If you are required to use non-toxic shot in your dove hunting area, Poly-Wad Greenlite shotgun shells are friendly to the environment as well as the shooter.



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5 Effective Shotgun Shells for Dove Hunting