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What Does Your Shotgun Choice Say About You?

You can tell a lot about a person from what they keep in their gun case. Here’s what your favorite scatter gun says about you!

You can tell a lot about a person from the clothes they wear, the books they read, their favorite foods, and all other trademarks of who they are. The world of hunting and shooting is not much different.

Our shotgun often sheds light on what we love to hunt and how much time we actually spend hunting or shooting. Here are seven classic and/or well-known shotguns, and what it is likely telling the guy or gal next to you at the range.

Browning Citori 725 Field

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This gold-plated over and under screams upland game.  You feel much more at home tucked in behind a birdy spaniel or on the trap field than you would stomping through thickets or trudging through lowland swamps.  A black walnut stock, ivory bead sights, and intricate engraving suggest that you prefer the finer things in life. We also gather that you may be a fan of expensive scotch and the occasional cigar. Pull!

H&R Ultra Slug Hunter

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Guns Daily Caller

I like big bucks and I cannot lie. This slug gun says that you are willing to hit the thick stuff to find a trophy, and you’ll likely have no problem knocking one down. You plan to only send one shot down range, but that’s all you need, right?

Remington 870 Express Tactical

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We won’t be walking in without knocking. The tactical black, 18.5″ barrel, and 6 (+1) capacity suggests that you mean business, especially when it comes to safety in your home. We won’t be surprised to see other tactical accessories on this beauty, either.  Odds are, you are on someone’s apocalyptic dream team.

Mossberg 500 Turkey THUG

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Cheaper Than Dirt

It’s all about those gobblers, ya’ll. You live for those cool spring mornings and the sound of that lone limb hanger gobbing his head off at daybreak. A 20″ barrel and more than capable 3″ chamber make long days chasing big toms a breeze. Your time shooting consists more of patterning for a perfect head shot than anything else.

Benelli Super Black Eagle II

Photo Credit:
Resleys Outdoors

Keep your eyes down! This camo semi-auto spitting 3.5″ shells shows that you are a true waterfowler. Waiting for those birds to commit to the decoys and “cup up” close is what you live for. You would have no problem sitting in sub-zero temperatures, using your coffee as antifreeze on a frozen action just to get a shot off on a group of mallards.

Weatherby PA-08

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Any game is fair game. Rabbits in front of beagles, doves in the air, or bucks on the ground, you are willing to go after anything, and you have the gun to do it. You’re not interested in fancy things, only something that will work when you need it. Ask this guy to go with you after any quarry, and he is in!

2 Gauge Punt Gun

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Rare Historical Photos

You are clearly the ghost of a late 19th century commercial hunter with a Napoleon complex.

Next time you’re at the range or in the field, check out your range neighbor’s shotgun. We’re betting that we are close with some of these.

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What Does Your Shotgun Choice Say About You?