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Shotgun Puts Youngster on His Back on First Dove Hunt


This priceless video of young man hunting doves for the first is the best thing you will see all day.

You’re about to see what is likely the best dove hunting video of all time. This will leave you grinning from ear to ear or crying of laughter.

What happens in this clip is hard to watch just once.

If you got to enjoy hunting or fishing as a child with your father or family, they are probably some of your favorite memories hands down. There is something special about being young and getting to go on your first hunts with your dad.

As you can tell with this young man, he was really enjoying his time in the dove patch. “What do you think about the dove hunting, boy?” the father asked. Without missing a beat, the child answers, “I liiiiike it” in the cutest voice you can imagine.

They go on to talk a little more and according to the conversation he had just smoked a dove in the neck and knocked it down. The older man goes on to tell him that they will record his next shot to try and capture it on film. And we are glad he did.

The father encourages the boy to get’ em as the dove starts fluttering by. The young man lines the bead up and starts to follow the bird.

Bam, the shot is fired and down goes Frazier! The kick of the shotgun sends the boy flying to the ground. Before he even finds his way back to his feet he is asking, “Did I get him?”

The dad encourages him and lets him know that this bird was a little luckier than the last. If you have ever hunted as a child or taken a child hunting, this video is sure to make your heart smile.

For the time being, I think giving the young boy a single shot for his dove hunts is a safe idea.

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Shotgun Puts Youngster on His Back on First Dove Hunt