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Shotgun or Pistol: Which is Better for Home Defense? [VIDEO]

Is a shotgun or pistol better for home defense?

The great home defense argument rages on. Which is better? The pistol or the shotgun?

Shooters have argued over this one forever. Some say the pistol is better because it is smaller and gives you the ability to have a hand free for house clearing or dialing a phone. Still others say the shotgun is the way to go for more firepower. The sound of a shotgun being loaded is enough to deter a criminal. How do you choose?

Clint Smith and some of the guys from Thunder Ranch have taken this argument head on and decided to show us just how effective each is for home defense and which is better.


In the video, Clint talks about why the comparative length of a handgun–when used properly–is insignificant to that of a shotgun and that length alone should not be a deterrent when choosing a firearm for home defense.

Other things to keep in mind when choosing a home defense firearm like a pistol or a shotgun, is accessability, ease of use, who is going to use it and ballstic penetration. While both are easily accessible, the shotgun may not be able to be used by everyone in the household. At the same time, the pistol round may penetrate better through dry wall than shot from shotgun.

You need to weigh your options and find what is the best compromise for you.

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Shotgun or Pistol: Which is Better for Home Defense? [VIDEO]