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Wide Open Spaces "Shot of the Week"

Shot of the Week - 12-Point and 9-Point Whitetail Bucks

The newest winner of the Wide Open Spaces "Shot of the Week," sponsored by SOG, is Brandon Bates from Boyd, Texas, and the two whitetails he and his hunting partner friend Zach Vess bagged while on a recent hunt.

Brandon will receive a SOG Huntspoint knife for his entry.


Ironically, this is already the second "Shot of the Week" winner from Texas; here's hoping other states rise to the occasion and share their entries, and rival the Lone Star State as one of the best hunting states in the country.



Location: Boyd, Texas

Game: 12-point and 9-point Whitetail bucks

Weapon: 7mm Remington Mag and .308

Ammunition: Winchester

Interesting Fact: Bates was suffering through freezing temperatures around 7:00 a.m. when he and Vess decided to stretch their legs and see what they could see. After 15 minutes, they spotted antlers bouncing through the trees. "We dropped down and a few shots later we both had our first bucks!" Bates said. "I was so nervous that I was getting my first buck that I shot him in the antler and it broke in half, but I got him down, obviously!" Not bad for a first-timer, we say.


If you've captured video or still footage of your hunt and would like to submit it as a potential Wide Open Spaces "Shot of the Week," visit our Facebook page for entry details, and your video could be featured on

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Wide Open Spaces "Shot of the Week"