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After the Shot: A Simple Wild Turkey Recipe That Will Become Your New Favorite

All images via Dave LaStarza

My wife and I were hunkered down with our backs to a large maple blow down on the crest of a ridge smack in the middle of turkey country, searching for what would become the perfect meal. 

As the first crow sounded the alarm, letting the forest know it was time to begin a new day, the group of turkeys roosted not 80 yards from us exploded. The turkeys broke the pre-dawn silence like a howitzer firing in a WWII skirmish. I glanced over at my wife and watched her eyes get as big as saucers and noticed her legs began shaking.

“Relax, just breath.” I whispered. “This is going to happen and QUICK.”

Within minutes, the birds pitched down and were gang gobbling like mad. With every drum and vibration from the kings of spring, we could feel the sounds in our chest. A little trash talking, directed at the lead hen, and there was chubby jake gobbling his head off right in our lap.

“When he crosses that log, SHOOT!” I whispered.

Within seconds the juvenile bird was exercising his last wing flap and we had a turkey dinner in our near future.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the spoils of a successful hunt. This simple recipe for wild turkey could possibly become your new favorite. Where the animal lives, how they spend their day, and of course what they eat, all dictate the texture, tenderness, and overall flavor of the meat.

Wild turkey is notorious for being tough compared to the steroid-laden, store-bought turkey you buy for Thanksgiving dinner. But it is better for you and much more rewarding.


This is my absolute favorite recipe for wild turkey, and the fact the it’s so incredibly easy makes it even better!

After a successful day afield, simply breast out your bird, being sure to run your knife as close to the breast bone as possible, ensuring you get every last ounce of your succulent prize. Once you have the breasts removed, clean the breasts and make sure you get all the fat off them.

Next, cut the breasts into one-inch cubes or strips as if you were going to make turkey tenders or nuggets. Now comes the key ingredient: ginger ale! In a large freezer bag or big bowl, put your cut breasts inside with enough ginger ale in to completely submerge the meat. Then cover the bowl or seal the bag and set in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day you are ready to cook! Remove the meat and drain the excess ginger ale. Next, dip each piece in egg and dredge in flour. Add salt and pepper to taste. Make sure you thoroughly roll the cubes or strips in the flour so they are completely covered, and set aside. Add more salt and pepper if desired.

In a large stove-top skillet heat olive oil until it’s crackling and hot. Place your turkey pieces in and cook until golden brown, turning often. The result will be the sweetest, most tender wild turkey you have ever had the pleasure of introducing your taste buds to.


I assure you it will be love at first bite and you may never cook wild turkey any other way, EVER again. Bon appetit!

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After the Shot: A Simple Wild Turkey Recipe That Will Become Your New Favorite