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SHOT Show NEXT: 96 New Exhibitors at the 2016 Show


Have you heard about SHOT Show NEXT? Here are the details.

New for SHOT Show 2016 is the addition of SHOT Show NEXT, a pavilion dedicated t0 providing instant access to newer companies and products coming to market.

Thanks to a reconfiguration of the halls, 96 new exhibitors currently on the extensive waiting list for exhibitor space on the main show display floors now have the opportunity to showcase their products in Las Vegas during the SHOT Show festivities Jan. 19-22, 2016.

SHOW Show Next is located above the main exhibit floor just outside where the Press Room and Members’ Lounge are located.

Here is a complete list of the companies that will be exhibiting as part of SHOT Show NEXT:

  1. 1791 Gunleather: Gun holsters manufactured with 100%, premium steer hide by a team that incorporates four generations of professional leather artisans.
  2. Accurate-Mag Products: Accurate-Mag Products is a designer and manufacturer of precision firearms and components including rifle chassis in wood, composite and machined aluminum.
  3. Alpha Loading Systems: Alpha is raising the bar, producing match grade ammo on equipment that’s easy to use, has easy changeover tooling, is multiple caliber per machine, fully automated and loads precise, elite, consistent ammo.
  4. Angel Armor: Angel Armor provides advanced ballistic solutions ranger game from soft to hard and concealed to structural.
  5. ArcticShield: ArcticShield hunting apparel and accessories offer Retain™ heat retention technology that captures and retains up to 90% of body heat providing warmth.
  6. Armamentos, Inc.: Armamentos is the exclusive importer of TREJO, .22lr all-steel pistols that are made in Mexico with old world craftsmanship.
  7. ArmsReach, LLC: ArmsReach manufactures biometric cases that fit along the side of the bed or can be attached to a wall for securing handguns in the home without compromising quick access.
  8. ArmyCamo USA: ArmyCamo USA is a military and tactical bag manufacturer
  9. BattleLine Industries: Battleline Industries is a veteran-owned small business that manufactures high-quality innovative combat solutions including equipment and weapons components.
  10. Bear Metal Clean: Bear Metal Clean manufactures the highest quality gun cleaning swabs on the market– G-Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs.
  11. Brigand Arms: Brigand Arms manufactures a highest performance, ultra-light forearm for the AR rifle. Their patented carbon fiber forearm that is the lightest on the market.
  12. Briley Manufacturing: Briley specializes in aftermarket choke installation in fixed choke shotguns as well as a full line of shotgun, rifle, and pistol gunsmithing.
  13. CamPro: CamPro manufactures copper plated projectiles that are used to manufacture ammunition for many police forces and competitive shooters.
  14. Can Can Concealment LLC: Can Can Concealment is the premiere solution for women’s compression carry, offering hiphuggers, garters, corsets and sport belts conform to a woman’s body and work with her wardrobe. carry
  15. Carolina Arms Group: This veteran owned and operated company handcrafts 1911 tactical handguns.
  16. Clinger Holsters: Clinger Holsters strives to provide the best overall holsters at the best prices on the market
  17. Colorado School of Trades: The Colorado School of Trades offers hands-on, project-oriented training geared to train individuals who wish to become artisan gunsmiths.
  18. Combat Action LLC: Combat Action developers created a training system that is deployed in minutes in any training environment and does not require any extra protective gear or use any expendables.
  19. Combat Arms Supply: This veteran owned business manufactures and distributes premium tactical products, including the Special Operations Combat-Sling (SOC-Sling) and the Combat Dog Leash.
  20. Compositor ACM LLC: Compositor ACM produces high performance, carbon fiber reinforced plastic stocks.
  21. Covert Scouting CamerasCovert Scouting Cameras is the manufacturer of quality hunting, wildlife and security cameras that can be used by hunters, researchers, wildlife enthusiasts and property owners alike.
  22. CoyoteLight Inc.: CoyoteLight is the leader in night time illumination technology.  CoyoteLight’s have proven to spot eyes over 800 yards and can identify targets out to 500 yards.
  23. Cytac Technology Limited: Cytac provideS a range of products for civilian and police use, including polymer and nylon holsters, duty belts, gun cases and other tactical accessories.
  24. Dakota 283: Dakota 283 products are designed for the hunter enthusiast to easily transition your vehicle to “hunt mode” in minutes.
  25. Dead Foot Arms LLC: Dead Foot Arms is a disabled-veteran owned small business that designs, develops, manufactures, assembles, and markets innovative firearm accessories for demanding applications in the commercial, law enforcement, and defense markets.
  26. Dead On Arms LLC: Dead On Arms develops products for weapons to help to make weapons function better, increase the life span and reduce the risk of damage to them.
  27. Destructive Devices Industries: DDI Arms is a U.S. manufacturer of AK-47 and AK-74 type rifles and more.
  28. DEZ Tactical Arms, Inc.: DEZ Tactical Arms, Inc. is a manufacturer of premium AR-15 and AR-308 rifles.
  29. DoubleClick Holsters: A Texas owned and operated start-up holster manufacturer that specializes in custom Kydex (thermoplastic) gun holsters and gun accessories.
  30. DPM Systems Technologies USA LLC: Recoil reduction systems manufacturer.
  31. Edmonds Outdoors LLC DBA Gunner Kennels: Gunner Kennels manufactures and sells top of the line, double walled roto-molded dog crates specifically for the sporting dog and military and police dog market.
  32. Elftmann Tactical: Elftmann Tactical is a firearms accessories innovator known for their triggers, along with AR platform anti-rotation/anti-walk trigger pins and a brand new push-type speed safety for AR rifles and pistols.
  33. Fenixlight Limited: Fenix is a leading outdoor sports lighting brand offering outdoor sports lighting tools including flashlights, headlamps, bike lights and camping lanterns.
  34. FirstEdge Knives & Tools: The FirstEdge Knife & Tool Company develops innovative and highly functional products to solve real-life problems, by enabling innovation that comes from active military and uniformed personnel experience.
  35. Formosan Arsenal Group Co. Ltd Taiwan: Formosan Arsenal Manufacturing offers CNC turning and milling, steel/alloy casting, aluminum extrude honing, metal injection molding and steel/aluminum hot forging for the small arms industry.
  36. Fort Discovery, Inc.: Fort Discovery is a training facility on 3,500 acres of private timberland, which runs along the western shoreline of Discovery Bay, WA.
  37. GHOST USA Inc.: Manufacturer of  the GHOST line holsters and mag pouches.
  38. Giant Finishing:  Giant Finishing is the leader of vibratory mass finishing deburring equipment.
  39. Girls with Guns: GWG offers clothing and accessories, including  gun and shell bags to t-shirts, pants and sweatshirts, that let women show their love for hunting and shooting in an edgy way.
  40. Gungenics: Gungenincs has revolutionized gun cleaning with its patent pending quick disconnect cleaning rods, jags, brushes and loops that are color coded by caliber to eliminate guesswork when selecting a brush or jag.
  41. Guns and Gold 2: Guns and Gold 2 is a seller and buyer of new and used firearms and manufacturer of firearms.
  42. Hawkins Precision, LLC: Hawkins Precision offers the finest materials and precision machining for your next gun project.
  43. Headhunters Firearms: Headhunters Firearms, based in Huntington Beach, CA, builds custom AR 15 and also does Cerakote finishes.
  44. Hoffman Manufacturing Corp.: Hoffman Manufacturing Corp is a store fixture manufacturer specializing in retail security that allows retailers to leave firearms in the display at night.
  45. Hollywood Polymer Technology, Inc.: Hollywood Polymer Technology offers plastic goods, accessories and components for the shooting sports industry, in addition to custom tooling and manufacturing.
  46. IDENTILOCK: IDENTILOCK is a smart trigger lock which allows quick access to firearms using fingerprints.
  47. JEMGUNS: JEM Enterprises  is an 07 licensed manufacturer of frames and firearms, primarily 1911 John Browning Design.
  48. Jersey Elite Manufacturing: Jersey Elite Manufacturing produces high end custom firearms, built for competition, hunting, and tactical applications.
  49. Koas Concealment Holsters: Koas Concealment specializes in Kydex holsters for the shooting and concealment community.
  50. Klecker Knives LLC: Klecker Knives reinvents tools to make them easier to use and manufacture while providing usefulness beyond what is expected.
  51. KODA Adventure Gear/Lucky Bums: KODA™ provides high quality multi-tasking workhorse apparel and accessories designed for families to grow outside together.
  52. Lancer Tactical: The Lancer Tactical product line consists of automatic electric guns  and tactical gear that is used in airsoft, law enforcement, and military training.
  53. LaserStar Technologies Corporation: LaserStar is now serving the firearms industry with our extensive line of laser welding and laser engraving machines to weld broken gun parts, repair porosity and pitting in gun bodies as well as in the repair of many other firearm parts.
  54. Load Ready: Load Ready has developed unique line of equipment for ammunition manufacturers to maximize efficiency, quality control, packaging, processing and sorting.
  55. LongShot Mfg. LLC: LongShot Manufacturing is an American manufacturer of a complete line of precision machined, aluminum Picatinny rails configured for both M-LOK and KEYMOD.
  56. MagStorageSolutions, LLC: Mag Storage Solutions is a manufacturer of products designed to store and organize firearm magazines.
  57. Mantis Training Systems: Mantis creates firearms training products that help shooters rapidly improve their shooting precision
  58. Mason Target Systems: Mason Target Systems provides shooters with portable, durable and accurate target systems that wirelessly send real-time shot information to the shooter’s mobile device.
  59. Matrix Aerospace: Matrix Arms is the subsidiary of Matrix Aerospace, an established high precision CNC manufacturer.
  60. Maxim Firearms, Inc.: Maxim Firearms manufactures AR-15 rifles, parts and accessories.
  61. Metalloid Corporation: Metalloid’s gun product line utilizes botanical technologies to develop an advanced, high-performance line of environmentally-friendly firearm maintenance products.
  62. Miss Concealed: Miss Concealed designs, manufactures and sells women’s concealed carry holster options, but also provides holsters made for men.
  63. Mission Critical Designs, LLC: MCD designs and manufacturers superior professional backpacks, duty bags, rifle specific cases/bags and apparel for military, law enforcement, and first responder personnel.
  64. MOHOC Inc.: MOHOC engineers military-optimized cameras with innovative form factor, extreme ruggedization, and intuitive user interface.
  65. Moore Advanced Dynamics: A firearms manufacturing company specializing in both semi and full auto configurations.
  66. New Frontier Armory: New Frontier Armory is a full service firearms and class III weapons dealer, distributor and manufacturer located in North Las Vegas, Nevada.
  67. Ningyang Yongshenghua Steel Ball Factory: Ningyang Yongshenghua Steel Ball Factory manufactures steel bb and steel shots for shotgun shells.
  68. Osprey Global LLC: Osprey Global has been manufacturing a variety of rifle scopes, boresights, lasers, and night vision for 25 plus years and are the rightful patent holders and first inventors of chamberable boresights.
  69. Packin’ Neat: Packin’ Neat is a manufacturer of quality concealed carry items for women including the patented Packin’ Neat purse holster system which allows a woman to turn any purse into a concealed carry purse.
  70. Plinker Electronic Target Systems: Plinker Systems offers electronic plate racks for indoor shooting ranges and LEO training offer new and also experienced shooters the opportunity to spend more time at the range, shooting AR500 steel targets in a safe environment.
  71. Polymer80, Inc.: Polymer80, Inc designs and develops innovative firearms accessories and products that allow the customer to participate in the build process.
  72. Ravenwood International: Ravenwood International is a designer and manufacturer of gunstocks and firearm accessories.
  73. Ross Zheng Engineering: RZE is more than a magazine company—it’s a research and development partner for precision firearm companies.
  74. Rusty’s Rags, Inc.: Rusty’s Rags is a family owned business that produces superior gun and knife cleaning kits that are hand trimmed from genuine Merino sheepskin.
  75. Salted Earth LLC: Salted Earth products are designed with a focus on improving target acquisition, tactical prowess, and situation awareness / readiness with its dry fire training system.
  76. Slip 2000 Gun Care Products: Slip 2000 is a full synthetic lubricant that will not freeze or attract dust, dirt or sand.
  77. Southern Grind: Southern Grind, Zac Brown’s Georgia-based metal shop, offers unrivaled knife lines and unique metal works made by American hands using extremely high quality materials and an unparalleled attention to detail.
  78. Specialized Safety Products LLC: SSP Eyewear and has been manufacturing world-class eyewear for over a decade, offering exceptional protection, great styles, coordinated colors and superior fit.
  79. Specialty Arms: Specialty Arms USA is a one-stop weapons manufacturer offering everything for shooting sports and concealed carry.
  80. Swagger, LLC: Swagger is the first to bring a unique bipod that allows the shooter to adapt to any shooting situation in an instance, making the impossible shot possible.
  81. TacFire Inc.: TacFire offers an extensive line of sporting good products ranging from rifle scopes, red dots, flashlights, iron sights, mounts and accessories.
  82. Target Tracker Business Development Group LLC: Target Tracker is a patented, fully remote control product that will hold virtually any target for your shooting training and practice needs.
  83. TASER International: TASER International is the leading electronic weapon manufacturer creating electronic weapons for law enforcement and consumer.
  84. Ti Training / Ti Outdoors: Ti Training and Ti Outdoors manufacture industry leading simulation and training technology for military/law enforcement and commercial indoor ranges.
  85. TigerLight, Inc. / Defense Alert Device: The TigerLight® Non-Lethal Defense System flashlight  combines the #1 rated non-lethal defense device with Bluetooth/GPS Crowd Alert™ technology to take personal safety to a whole new level.
  86. TorkMag Inc.: TorkMag Inc. is an accessories manufacturer that specializes in patented, groundbreaking technologies unique in the industry.
  87. Tru-Grip: Tru-Grip offers personal and custom pistol grips designed for your personal hand.
  88. Ulticlip Holster Clip: The Ultimate Multifunctional Tactical Clip Ulticlip’s patent pending design replaces current holster clips, allowing firearm owners to carry with 10 times the retention, a smaller footprint for increased concealment, as well as maximum versatility.
  89. Underfold Stocks, LLC: Underfold Stocks, LLC provides the best quality stock for the world famous Ruger 10/22 rifle.
  90. Veri-Fire, LLC: Guardian is a one-of-a-kind, biometric trigger lock that preserves the readiness of your handgun while reliably increasing safety.
  91. Versacarry: Versacarry® is one of the world’s smallest concealed carry holsters. Our ZeroBulk Holster® design fits most guns and is ideal for deep concealment.
  92. Warrior Tech LLC: Warrior Tech LLC is a business that specializes in developing AR accessories, primarily for law enforcement and military applications.
  93. White Horse Research and Development: White Horse R&D, Inc offers state of the art ballistics, blast and, asset protection.
  94. Wilkinson Tactical, LLC: Wilkinson Tactical is a gun designer and manufacturer of the CR-12 semi-automatic tactical 12 gage shotgun.
  95. Xtreme Hardcore Gear: Xtreme Hardcore Gear manufactures accessory items for the long range/tactical shooters. At SHOT Show 2016, they’ll be debuting a precision chassis system and bottom metal.
  96. Zubin Outdoors: Zubin Outdoors patented crossbow technology features a revolutionary barrel system and a shoot-through riser that enhances accuracy while reducing noise and vibration.

With more than 1,600 exhibitors at the 2016 SHOT Show, it’s nearly impossible to see them all. In fact, if you somehow managed to visit every single booth, you could only stay at each one for 22 seconds.

If you’re trying to prioritize which booths to visit, be sure to make time to walk through SHOT Show NEXT. These up-and-comers of the industry are guaranteed to showcase some pretty innovative new products.

New for SHOT Show 2016 is the addition of “SHOT Show NEXT,” a pavilion dedicated t0 providing instant access to newer companies and products coming to market.

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SHOT Show NEXT: 96 New Exhibitors at the 2016 Show