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SHOT Show 2016 Recap: The IWI Tavor Now in 300Blk


The .300Blk cartridge was definitely a must-see at Shot Show 2016.

Many weapons manufacturers are making kits and full weapons that can fire the .300Blk cartridge, and the IWI Tavor is now part of that trend.

The .300blk cartridge has near or better ballistics than the 762 x39.  The Tavor allows a full-length barrel to deliver the entire velocity of the 300 black bullet to travel and exit at the highest speed possible. The Tavor is still not a common US military issue rifle.

However, since other militaries are quickly accepting the bullpup design, we should be able to start seeing more after-market parts available to add to the Tavor's capabilities. Most picatinny rail accessories will work with the Tavor and all optics should be rated for the .300blk cartridge.

I recently was able to pick up and hold the IWI Tavor, and the best part of the rifle was the hand positioning areas. The close placement of the forward hand to the shooting hand makes the platform entirely well-balanced. When shooting the AR15, some shooters prefer the "magazine well hold" because it keeps their hands closer together for quick target shots. That is basically the premise with the grips on the Tavor.

Close positioning also means that your arms are less likely to become fatigued when at the high-ready shooting position. Given that the rifle length is roughly 27 inches, you better believe that the rifle is definitely under some sort of NFA/SBR restrictions. IWI also stresses on their website to check with your local firearm limits and see if your able to purchase the Tavor.

The Tavor is definitely a solid platform. I would definitely like to see Eric and his crew from IV8888 do an epic meltdown video to see how much abuse this rifle can take before it quits on the user. Keep training, stay vigilant, and look for all the new platforms coming out for 2016.

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SHOT Show 2016 Recap: The IWI Tavor Now in 300Blk