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SHOT Show 2016 Preview: Walther to Unveil Two New Pistols

Want to be the first to own two of Walther’s new pistols, here’s a sneak-peek on what you’re in for.

Walther is set to unveil two of their newest pistols at SHOT 2016: the PPS M2 and the PPQ Q5 Match.

Here’s what you need to know.

The PPS M2

For years, the PPS has been the preferred choice for those who want everyday protection without the weight and width of a double-stack pistol. With its one-inch wide body and super low-profile design, the new PPS M2 is set to reinforce the idea that you can have an extremely reliable concealed carry weapon that offers a comfortable and ergonomic design.

Aside from its smooth 6.1-pound trigger pull and slim frame, the new PPS M2 will feature a push button magazine release, which replaces the older style paddle release under the trigger to help with faster reloading.

Additionally, the new M2 will also have a cross-directional style grip, which is designed with both comfort and reliability in mind. As with the original PPS, the new M2 will feature a Tennifer coating to help prevent corrosion. This pistol is set to be available in 9mm, as well as .40 S&W, in the Spring of 2016.

The PPQ Q5 Match

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For those who are competition shooters, the new PPQ Q5 Match will be sure to turn heads at your next event. With an impressive overall length of 8.1 inches, this 9mm competition pistol has some new features that refresh the line of successful PPQs before it.

Much like the new M2, Walther integrated a push button design magazine release, which replaces the paddle-style release. That should be a big hit with many competitive shooters.

Though the overall weight is unknown at this time, though the new ported slide will help to make this one of the lightest PPQs in the lineup. Like its relatives, the new Q5 Match will feature interchangeable back straps, a fiber-optic front sight and a 15-round, 9mm magazine. They come with an awesome blue coated trigger as well.

Whether you choose to carry a concealed pistol for self-defense or you’re a competitive pistol shooter, these two new guns from Walther are sure to wow you with these new looks and features.


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SHOT Show 2016 Preview: Walther to Unveil Two New Pistols