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SHOT Show 2016: Ivan Carter Speaks to Conservation Efforts

Conservation of wildlife is a battle fought on a frontline. 'Carter's W.A.R.' on the Outdoor Channel shows that battle being fought and is hosted by professional hunter and conservationist, Ivan Carter.

"Carters W.A.R." airs Mondays at 9pm ET on the Outdoor Channel, highlighting the struggle between humans and animals.

The show takes you into the problems animal populations face as communities grow, such as being pushed further into the badlands of Africa where poachers are very real predators as the quest to fulfill a hungry ivory market reigns supreme.

Ivan strives to explain the perspectives of the animals, members of the community, and conservationists. The show educates the world about ecosystems that are trampling each other. Populations are increasing in Africa, and land is becoming more precious to feed these communities. As a result, farmers are now competing with lions and predators for farm lands because the hoofed animals are being pushed away from their normal habitats.

Around 100 elephants are being poached every single day. The Asian ivory market is pushing the sales of ivory because culturally, they feel it brings them fertility and luck. Carter aims to make a solid difference in the world and he's actively building resources to help build protection forces to preserve the animals territory.

Ivan believes in Wide Open Spaces and the Outdoor Channel because they help highlight the conservation efforts that hunters bring. Hunters pursue game and follow laws that help keep the animals sustainable. Poachers kill what they want, when they, even if it's illegal and unethically sound. Those poachers condemn animals to extinction by disrespecting their place in the eco system.

Carters War 2

The badlands of Africa where photography isn't so precious brings hunters who spend a lot of money to go where the animals are pushed because of the encroaching other populations. The money spent by hunters fund the protection agencies and the logistics companies that provide all the resources that help hunters travel to the roughest parts of the world.

Conservation will be achieved when people are engaged and ready to fight and protect the animals to help preserve our children's choice to see these creatures in the future. Conserving animal populations today means guaranteeing their success in the future. Every animal species that has been protected under conservation rights has exploded in population numbers. When hunting is banned, protected animals begin to suffer.

Ivan is currently working with Jim Shockey Productions and he makes sure to point out the support team he has when he goes out on his expeditions. Ivan is very proud of the people that support him and help him document his story. Shockey Productions does an excellent job of showing the ethos of hunting, a true hunting lifestyle, and the DNA of a hunter.

His work also highlights the fact that hunters would never do anything to destroy the hunting lifestyle. Hunters work carefully to follow the rules so that the industry stays as clean and ethical as possible. Outdoor Channel and the hunters featured on its shows distance themselves from illegal hunting activity and are proud of their work. Ivan and his crew are serious professionals and follow all ethics and laws applicable to the mission that they are working on.

From professional, legal, and hunting perspectives, hunters are doing things that lead to the death of an animal. If trophy hunting is banned, millions of acres will suffer from financial losses. Kenya has lost 75 percent of their wildlife due to the banning of trophy hunting. Carter aims consistently to give wildlife the value it deserves, saying, "If we can give wildlife value then appreciating the beauty of an animal is a concept that can only be appreciated by a person with a full belly."

The hope in the future exists in the education of all families on all continents. If we can educate our kids today before they become consumers, then we will make great strides toward protecting wildlife populations. In addition, educating farming families and showing them that protecting the animals, as opposed to simply spreading farming land, is more important and provides viable hope for the future. "Carter's W.A.R." is not just entertainment - there is so much more of the story below the surface.

Ivan wanted to specifically thank Trijicon and Nosler for supporting the ongoing efforts to fight poachers. Without their technology, the fight would be that much more difficult.

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SHOT Show 2016: Ivan Carter Speaks to Conservation Efforts