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SHOT Show 2016 Interview with Nate Hosie, the ‘Turkey Slayer’

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It’s not every day that you get to talk to the ‘Turkey Slayer,’ but at SHOT Show 2016, Nate Hosie spoke with us about his show and his love for the hunting community.

Nate Hosie sat down and talked to us about HeadHunters TV, and Outdoor Channel. He got the name ‘Turkey Slayer’ while growing up in Pennsylvania.

Nate started out hunting deer, but soon realized he preferred hunting turkeys. As a young man, Nate would quickly get out and hunt before his school classes began, even taking his friends out when he quickly reached his tag limits.

Nate got better at hunting the more he went out and became acquainted with the terrain. He even learned to completely reciprocate the right calls a turkey would pitch.

His show, HeadHunters TV, is now featured on Outdoor Channel. Nate highlights the support that hunters give each other and says hunting is the greatest sport in the world. Mr. Hosie has nothing but the highest respect for the tradition, and the animals he’s after while out in the field.

Headhunters TV is more about showing the hunting lifestyle, and sharing the passion that comes from their experiences. The hunts will start from Montana and end in the Midwest. Montana begins the journey, then the team heads to Colorado for elk.

They round up the Midwest for October, and the crew heads south to Louisiana as temperatures drop. Different partners of the show will be featured, so you will definitely see all of your favorite hunting legends.

Nate typically utilizes all hunting tactics. Bows, crossbows, and guns will be seen on the show. He also stresses that he supports all hunting and also pointed out that he will use all legal means to carry on the sport. The United States has plenty of hunting ground for Nate, and he says he will hunt anywhere the good Lord will send him.

Hosie Crossbow

Nate’s favorite thing about SHOT Show is the camaraderie of shooters and hunters. He loves the support that the community has for one another.

In addition, country singers are often big hunters and occasionally go hunting in their spare time to get away from all the lights and stage action. Nate pointed out that it’s rare when a hunter jumps on to the stage and shares hunting through the microphone. In July of this year, Nate is pushing for the release of his new country album. The new single “Here’s To You is available on iTunes.

Nate wants everyone to know that he’s thankful to be a hunter and is also incredibly grateful to be a part of Outdoor Channel. He will back each and everyone of you in your hunting endeavors, upholding the community of the sport.

Nate Hosie, the Turkey Slayer, is definitely one of the most humble men I had the privilege of meeting with at SHOT Show. I can’t wait to see him later this year and in 2017 to see what stories he has in store for us.

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SHOT Show 2016 Interview with Nate Hosie, the ‘Turkey Slayer’