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SHOT Show 2016 By the Numbers

The countdown is on for the largest shooting, hunting and outdoor tradeshow of its kind

SHOT Show 2016 is less than a week away. Owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, SHOT Show is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

Whether you’ve never been to SHOT Show or your a seasoned trade show veteran, here are a few key facts and figures to give you a little insight into just how big of a deal this show is.

4 Days

SHOT Show 2016 will take place over the course of four days. The show runs Tuesday, Jan. 19 through Friday, Jan. 22, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

12.5 Miles

The aisles at SHOT Show combine to measure a total of 12.5 milesjust a little less than the distance of a half marathon.

17 Times

SHOT Show has been held in Las Vegas a total of 17 times, more than any other host city.

22 Seconds

If you were to visit every single booth at SHOT Show, you would only be able to stay at each booth for 22 seconds.

38 Years

The first SHOT Show was held in St. Louis, Missouri in 1979. This year marks the 38th anniversary.

50 States

At SHOT Show 2016, you’ll find exhibitors, buyers, media and other industry professionals who originate from all 50 states.

$88 Million

Last year’s show generated over $88 million in non-gaming revenue to the Las Vegas economy.

98 Percent

Before the 2015 event concluded, 98 percent of SHOT Show exhibitors renewed their booth space for this year.

100 Countries

In addition to representation from all 50 states, there are exhibitors, buyers, media and other industry professionals from 100 different countries.

250 Concessionaires

With all these people under one roof, someone has to feed them. It takes 250 concessionaires to accommodate the food and beverage needs inside the Sands Expo during the show.

400 New Products

Last year, more than 400 new products were displayed in the New Product Center, which was the largest ever showcased in SHOT Show history. For 2016, SHOT Show NEXT has been added which is a dedicated space for 96 first-time exhibitors.

500 Trucks

Over 500 trucks carrying exhibitors’ freight were brought through Freeman’s Marshaling yard and unloaded at the Sands Expo Center.

1,600 Exhibitors

There are more than 1,600 exhibitors attending SHOT Show 2016. It’s the largest show of its kind in the world and the fifth largest tradeshow in Las Vegas.

2,400 Media Professionals

To cover the show and promote the products they see at SHOT Show, more than 2,400 members of the outdoor and mainstream media attend.

63,000 Industry Professionals

Although the show isn’t open to the public, but for trade only, more than 63,000 professionals in the shooting, hunting and outdoors industry attended last year’s event.

630,000 Square Feet

The largest event held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, SHOT Show 2016 is expected to occupy more than 630,000 net square feet. To give you some perspective, it is the equivalent of more than 13 acres–the area covered by the New Orleans Superdome or the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

6,600,000 Pounds

Last year the show’s general service contractor, Freeman, brought in a total weight of 6,600,000 pounds in exhibit materials and setting the record for the heaviest show ever held at the Sands Expo.

If you there’s one thing you should take away from all these numbers, it’s that SHOT Show is a major deal. And if you’re one of those fortunate enough to attend this year’s show, remember, SHOT Show is a marathon, not a sprint!

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SHOT Show 2016 By the Numbers